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Since 2013, Pacewalk is one of the swiftly growing Companies developing colossal designs, innovative strategies,Video giri Virtual cards, digital solutions, and many more.

" DigitalCarda is powered by Pacewalk the most influential company. "

In these Digital days, digitalisation is spreading from minor to major things. Card that you can share to every platform. Nowadays everyone is looking to take their business Online but their pocket doesn't allow. The happening answer is the affordable DIGITALCARDA .


DigitalCard, a Virtual business card or E-Card that has the details of your contact in it. The key function of this Digital Visiting Card is to reach more customers, clients, Distributors, and many more. Apart from that, DigitalCarda takes only a few minutes to design own card with own taps by choosing the classic graphics. It is easy, simple, affordable and preserve environment. Digital cards serve commonly the identical motive. Nowadays People are more active on Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. Unlike the traditional visiting cards, DigitalCarda is creative, simple, innovative and shareable . Besides this, it saves trees so paper. DigitalCarda is affordable to all types of businesses, shopkeepers because of one time investment. Nobody has to worry about traditional cards when have the helping hand of DigitalCarda.
Champions always take the first step. Be the one and make your own DigitalCarda.

Create Personalised Card

You can design and create your own cards for your commercial enterprise. Choose the righteous template for your enterprise.

Do you want a Digital Card?

In these Digital days and cutthroat world no longer having facts in smartphone has become the trend and requirement of every businesses.

How does it work?

Simply install the Digitalcarda Mobile Application or Visit to After Sign-up on the iOS, Android or the web. You'll be able to create your customised digital commercial business card. Select the template and enter your contact details. It can shared anywhere at anytime. Share the hyperlink even through your email to others.

Don't take the load of business cards

Digital Cards are convenient to use. You can simply share it through our DigitalCarda Mobile Application to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and anywhere.

Tap and Call

Your customers can reach you without any hustle-bustle. They can use the featured calling directly without saving the number.

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